Without a QUEST to pursue, life would lack meaning.

A good quest – at all times and through all stages of life – keeps us fresh, motivated, growing and static. Without a quest, we grow stagnant and neurotic.

I notice that the word QUEST is the root of the word QUESTION – and to question is to pursue greater understanding.

And sometimes that means having a humbling wipeout before we can master our quest…but having faith throughout the quest itself that we CAN achieve!

Happy questing!


Hey, God….thank You for providing us with new quests every day and in every stage of our lives, from the time we learn to walk, through relationships and education, through our passions and work and goals, and on through our twilight years and beyond.

There is nothing like a move from complexity to simplicity to achieve a perfect and senseful state of underwhelm. The point is to eat the Cherry On Top so we can get down to the best of business, oui?

So, paradoxically, my cherry on top has been getting back to basics this year, one day at a time. 

This is the year I snatched the cherry off the top of the treat, savored it without abandon, then tied the stem in a knot with my tongue and placed it on my cocktail napkin, knowing full well it would wind up in the trash…keeping the satisfaction in my heart and head and being willing to part with the evidence of my talents and achievements. 

All for the sake of simplicity.

This year, I traded in my old hips for new ones and shed my old money pit home for a spiffy, new life full of order, less is more and Seriously Downsized Lifestyle.

It was time to put my money where my mouth was, that my children understand that it’s not about the brass ring or perfection or having instead of have-notting, that it is about making the most of life with what God gives us, whatever that may be.

Here is my new cherry on top, a sunset at the old, nostalgic dairy farm across the road from my new, simplistic life…

Hey, God, thanks for the simple things in life that set us free from the imposing cherries on top. Thank You for delivering me from the hell of complexity into the heaven of simplicity.

Thank You, God, for the cherry on top so that we are motivated to put it aside or behind us, sooner than later, in order to savor the Main Event of all that lies beneath glitter and gold.

In this week’s Photo Challenge, I see a Prism of Hope striking across Raw Vulnerability, facilitated by Unfettered Chains allowing Doors to Open.

What do you see?

Thank You, God, for doors which open only after we submit ourselves fully to Truth and Love. Thank You for the clarity that comes with kalaidescope vision as You bring Your will, and all its components, into focus. 

Thank You especially for the Journey and its precious moments of Bliss, eternally seared upon our hearts and shaping us forever in our carrying on.


It’s been awhile, friends. I’ve missed y’all!
I did not abandon the blog, but have been pleasantly distracted by this, that and the other in life, like…

Monitoring my teenagers’ phones and finding stuff like this


Selling the farm


Easter Egging


Teaching young men to be gentlemen


Coming home to a fountaining water heater and getting a new one


Noticing odd photo ops


Finding out my kid discovered Photo Shop on my iPad




Trying a lighter hair shade, going Garth-Blonde


Getting to see what my town looks like from the air


Getting one of two hip replacements


Doing a homemade color-by-numbers during recovery




Barely getting out of the hospital alive (note listed allergies & plate)


Watching Mr. Lizard go a-courtin’


Mardi Gras parades & assorted residual loot


Being visited by a cardinal


Septic fun!


Coming home to find the silverware gnomes organized my silverware drawer




…over a warm winter fire dancing


Savoring thoughtful sentiments from little ones


Hot morning coffee in the cool spring sun


A winter walk on the beach


Turning 50


A little getaway to my favorite Suites

Thanks, God, for a long season of joy, renewal, hope and resurrection. Thank You for the dead of winter yielding to the lifeSpring of growth and eternal life. May my readers be thusly blessed in their seasons, as well. 

Hey, God…thank You for a beautiful Christmas season. May all the WP readers have joyous holidays…and blessings in 2016. 

Merry Christmas, my friends!!


For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, I spied a little spy who visually answered my question as to why/how he could possibly get his nose so filthy in under three minutes, as he spied in my bedroom window:

(a face only a mother could love…)

Thanks, God, for Your vision for us, for peeping in on us and always being here with us. Thank You for goofiness, silliness and good-natured fun. I know You have a sense of humour, Lord, for I have spied it! 

Thank You for loving us,  God, whether we are in reverent worship or yukking it up and being playful. 

You made smiles, God….let us use them to our greatest abillity!

The quest for simplicity and minimalism pleasantly escape me when presented with this week’s Photo Challenge, Ornate:


Near my beach we have special ambassadors to our area, young ladies who welcome all and brighten everything with their gracious presence, extending Southern hospitality to the rest of the world.

They are the Azalea Trail Maids and the Dogwood Trail Maids. I spied the two lovely ladies above at a local Suicide Prevention/Awareness event recently.

You may have seen them in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, at the White House for President Obama’s inauguration or just about anywhere.


They are chosen for their character, grades, accomplishments and their poise. Their costumes weigh 40-50 lbs, there is only one allowed to wear pink (the Queen Maid) and they can stash their cell phones in the handy pantaloons they wear under the hoop skirt (shhhh!).


The graceful Maids go through a rigorous process of selection that would make Miss America run for the hills, right down to a painful tradition of having to sit on an uncomfortable triangle-seated chair for the duration of the judges’ interviews. Little girls have aspirations of one day becoming a Trail Maid, yet another one of the South’s fine traditions…


Our Trail Maids are the epitome of Southern culture – always pleasant, gracious and refined. Especially the Queen Maid.

(well, usually….)


Thanks, God, for giving us the ornate in simplicity, for the greatest of gifts in the smallest of packages, like eternal life from a mustard seed of faith.