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Here at the beach, we see a lot of yellow, mostly in the form of the sun and its magnificent reflections in the sky.

For this week’s Photo Challenge, I’d like to share a few splashes of yellow I recently enjoyed:

OB Sunrise

Yellow sunrise at Orange Beach


Hibiscus, bright yellow like the sun

Bayway Sunset

Yellow sunset over bay

Thank You, God, for sunrises and sunsets, for seasons of change.

Thanks for the rhythm of time and the brilliant colors You infuse into those rhythms.

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Looking up, I see an afternoon of “digit-al” clouds…


…and looking down, I see a sunrise reflected in “rooty” patterns:


Texture makes us feel something more, causes things to stand out like a visual brain teaser and gives us perspective.

Texture allows the visually impaired to read and brings life and added meaning to an otherwise one-dimensional perception.

It makes us think harder and brings pleasure.

For more textures, please visit this week’s Photo Challenge .

Hey, God, thank You for all the textured beauty You bless us with, everywhere we go.

Thanks for perspective, for opportunities to feel – really feel – and for making things seem a little more interesting and real.

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