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Hey, God…thank You for getting my attention Tuesday night when You sent that bolt of lightning. I guess I ignored You the last few posts and forgot to give You the credit. Thanks for getting me through that 13.1. Thanks for giving me the chance to even still be here to post about it. And thanks for whatever hand You had in restoring our internet service yesterday. I had always surmised that AT&T was an agent of the devil, but Your “act of God” sort of trumped it all, regardless of the agents’ mischief. As usual, you took evil and used it for good.

Well, God, thanks for acting. I love a good whiz-bang event. I dunno about football scores and divine intervention (and thanks for my neighbor who dares fly the LSU flag at half-mast), but I don’t doubt You have a hand in the big stuff that’s beyond our power. Bigger than SOPA, anyway, which curiously coincided with our home’s outage. For a day or so I thought it was more than a few sites blacked out.

Heaven help us should we have a long-term electronic blackout. Mayhem surely would ensue. Pretty soon businesses and the young people running them won’t comprehend the meaning of a check, and will think archaic forms of non-electronic payments are as nostalgic as a trio of Widespread Panic concerts before the band goes on hiatus.

Yeah, our router got fried…lost the land line, lost internet, lost wi-fi, lost my not-too-smartphone, lost our patience. One big bolt was all it took, not long after I drifted off to sleep – it was a terrifying drop down back into bed after finding myself clinging to the ceiling fan. Amazing the power! Okay, okay, You have my attention! You always have…were you worried I slipped away? I am here. Slipped, well, yeah, I guess. I’ve been slipping for a while. Don’t we all cycle through seasons of hot & cold, off & on, in & out? I like that You’re giving us warmth this January, that I could sleep with the windows open all week long. Tuesday was a restless, kick-off-the-covers kind of evening to begin with, but I hear ya…

Static. That’s what the guy said. Our line had more “noise” than it should. So I asked, “Whaddya mean, noise? Like static, or what?” Yeah, like static. Not coming through clear. Interference. A “third-party device,” he said. Wth?

As if to get in on the general household malfunction the next night, a battery-operated toy began singing the ABCs at 2 am from atop the toy box in the children’s room, with its cheery laugh at the end of the song sounding more eerie than cheery at that hour. Not to be outdone, the fearless Buzz Lightyear chimed in immediately after the other toy when the child he was sleeping with, rolled over: “THIS IS AN INTERGALACTIC EMERGENCY!!!” Buzz authoritatively bellowed to us all in the dark of the night, at the top of his Duracells.

Funny, God, the state of the electronic capacities around here this week seems commensurate with the recent activity level of  my faith…static and disconnect – too ironic. Something has gotten in the way. You are only showing me in my terms where I’m at with You. Perhaps where we all are with You. Egad, Buzz was correct, this IS an intergalactic emergency. Draw me nigh…

I have allowed so many other distractions to come between us. Too busy to go to church, too tired to read the Bible, too distracted to pray, and too often tempted by wrong. But I’m listening. Thanks for understanding how life gets in the way. Thanks for knowing that I am still me, still here, still Yours. I will not let You become “Somebody That I Used To Know.” I don’t always understand Your timing or how things work, but I appreciate Your unmistakable ways of eliminating all the static, all the interference, all the hindrances caused by third-party devices, whatever those are.

So what else is a girl supposed to do with no internet? She went for a run, longest since the race and totally “In a Daydream,” stopping only once to reconnect with a neighbor who lamented the cost of upkeep for his beautiful, sporty, red mid-life crisis and gave her something to pray about with his ailing family members, and thus she found herself praying for most the rest of the run.

She rejected all-things-Kindle and, for the first time in over a year, resumed her leisure reading list by checking out the last of the Charlotte Brontë books she had not yet read, Villette. She enjoyed the feel of the pages, the smell of the paper, the comforting experience of reading words that did not emit a glow and a hum, causing her to stretch her mind, restore her imagination and prompting her to dust of her Bible to look up a vaguely spiritual reference that caught her attention in the book.

She pruned her roses, thought about the man who taught her how to prune roses and how God prunes us, and then had a close encounter with this fine creature, who narrowly escaped the clippers:

She actually slowed down long enough to take a nap – a rare event to be sure – and replenished the sleep stolen by the storms… and rested in Him.

She capped off the day with a long walk on the beach, hearing thunder in the distance and finding unusual treasures and casting driftwood back into the water, wondering how electronics ever came to dominate our lives to the point where we lose our perspective of what’s important and how to stay healthy. One curious find was a small magnetic decagon with faded words, the only visible word being “geospace.” Despite its mysterious importance in the past, whatever it was, it was no match for the elements. She thought about how God, the inventor of electronics and all things digital throughout space and time, allows us to use His stuff for good, but if we veer off, how He can so quickly remind us Who’s Who and what’s what.

She thought about how the simplicity of the ABCs always holds the keys to resolving intergalactic emergencies.

She forgave herself for veering and hoped others could also forgive her, for she knew that He had already forgiven.

She thanked Him for the great power in keeping things simple and relaxed. And focused.

On Him.

Thanks, God, for everything.

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