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When the going gets tough, the tough head to the beach. As much as humanly possible.

Such is the story of my summer thus far. If I’m not working and it’s not raining, I’m there. Um, here.

And you’re here with me….


Take special note of the nice, blue skies – starting out.


More saltwater canoeing, just past the farthest sand bar.
That is NOT an oil rig – oil rigs are not allowed that close to shore in the Gulf. It is a natural gas rig. I always enjoy hearing the loud motor of the delivery ship in the distance and watching it dock under the rig. My mind drifts into wondering what sorts of goodies it brings the men offshore, and how much they look forward to its arrival.


Clouds are building…
(half-hearted apologies to photography perfectionists in the slightly askew horizon – get over it and focus on thing above)





The water is so clear today, you can make out the little fishies!
(These are skittish and are not the kind that give free pedicures)


My cup holder – nothing fancy.
UB40 made a song celebrating what’s in the cup.


Geezamighty, better move my chair back a bit!
Catch of the day, no bait required.


It’s a Balao halfbeak.


Okay, so now things are building up.This isn’t looking so good…
(and speaking of not looking good and just for the record, BP still left us with lots of tarballs littering the sand, both in and out of the water – the oil spill hasn’t gone away)


It doesn’t take long to go from blue to black at the sea.


Rageful skies. Time to take the umbrella down – and RUN.


A dune with sea oats bending in the now-stiff breeze, sand pelting my face like a desert storm – sting, stang, stung.


Okay, so at least there is a great place to take cover during the storm – namely our local Krispy Kreme, with the “HOT NOW” blinking sign luring in the shelter-seekers.
They really shouldn’t pass out free, hot, fresh donuts coming off the conveyor belt like that. There should be a law…


Here, no need for a shirt over the swimsuit. That’s just how we roll.
Until next time, friend!

Hey, God – thanks for keeping us safe from this storm, for keeping us safe through the other storms You’ve brought us through, and for the uncertainty of storms to come – in You we can rest assured, no matter what.


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