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David Paul Adams 🎓 & Jonathan William Adams 🎓, Cum Laude
One last blast of the pirate ship, Pirate Proud!
Jonathan, 18 (Auburn University, aerospace engineering) & David, 21 (Gulf Coast Exceptional Foundation day program)… David & Jonathan: biblical best buds, always looking out for each other.
Extended childhood coma, not expected to live past age 4. God always has other plans!
One to Alabama, one to Auburn, one to USA and one to Coastal…scattered to the wind but forever bonded.
The best part of milestones is sharing it with a growing family!
Third milestone – youngest crosses over from 8 years of elementary school (Pre-K-6th), to middle school, having been diagnosed with high-functioning autism last fall and discovering the joys and challenges of his reality…as we all do.

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Harry Edenfield, a Christian author, offers a thought-provoking daily devotional for this season of Lent.

Today’s verse is from Genesis 19:16: “But Lot lingered. So the angels seized him and his wife and his two daughters by the hand, the Lord being merciful to him, and they brought him out and set him outside the city.”

Edenfield reflects, “Lord God, your servant Lot lingered in Sodom. Sometimes I love my chosen place too much. You urge me to leave my sin spot.

I linger.

I linger even if it may be injurious to my loved ones. Remember me: I, too, need an escort from the magnet of sin.

As we leave together, Holy Spirit, urge me to have no regret about the exit from sin. Urge me not to look back.”


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We rendezvous with risk and yet pray to be rescued.

We overschedule ourselves and yet pray for rest.

We fiddle around in folly and yet pray for wisdom.

We hide from You and yet pray for Your presence.

We dance with darkness and yet pray for light.

We find ways to rationalize our wrongs and yet pray to be righteous.

We jam-pack our emptiness with clutter and yet pray for space.

We revel in dipping our toe in just a fraction of filth and yet pray to be clean.

We discount those whom You put in our path and yet pray for finer fellowship.

We enjoy a little slide down the hill and yet pray for a helping hand up.

We overindulge and yet pray for relief.

We fecklessly fool ourselves and others, and yet pray for truth.

We wage war and yet pray for peace.

We become overly focused and yet pray for perspective.

We are bountifully blessed and yet pray ever for more.

We curse the miraculous manna and yet pray for novelty.

We willfully wander and yet pray to remain on the best path.

We sneak a little snooze now and then, and yet pray for our eyes to be open.

We invest money, time and energy into enslaving ourselves, and yet pray for freedom.

We selectively listen and yearn to be heard, and yet pray to hear clearly.

We create complication and yet pray for simplicity.

Wet Sunset

God, thank You for knowing us and understanding that our shortcomings are what ultimately sharpen us…

for blessing all our brouhahas…

for Your grace in all of our gobbledygook…

…and especially for Your patience in our paradox.

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