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Funny that WordPress just issued this challenge, in light of our find last weekend.

You see, purple flags are flying at the beach right now. That means “dangerous sea life” can be a menace to beach-goers.

Usually the purple flags warn of something mundane like jellyfish or sharks.

This week, the flags are warning us that sting rays are in abundance – and close to shore.

(This is what we will be gigging this weekend – cut fins off, peel skin off fins, filet meat off cartilage, spice up, cook & enjoy)

In order to avoid being stung by a sting ray, one must shuffle one’s feet as one walks along the sandy bottom of the sea.

Or simply swim. Or paddle board. Or whatever.

Hiding under the sand, our careful shuffling unearthed this exquisite specimen of a sand dollar:


The top-side of the (unbroken) sand dollar. Notice its cilia skirting and coating its body and crevices. The cilia are very fragile and break off if you barely breathe within 5 feet of it. In the sunshine and out of the water, the cilia are alive, waving and moving and desperately trying to relocate the sand dollar back to the sea, causing the sun to reflect in the moistness, resembling the sparkling surface of the sea. It is a very curious sight…



On the underside, notice the mouth of the sand dollar, right in the center, like a cross-stitch. The fine-haired cilia are in greater abundance on the bottom, like thousands of tiny legs. These glisten with brilliance in the summer sun, and like a tiny microcosm, reduce the bigger species to humbled awe in considering the art of survival and place in the universe.


As of today, I was tremendously insulted when my camera indicated its memory was FULL. And right when I was in a historically, architecturally, visually exuberant place.


Thank goodness these were the last pics I took…hello, new memory card, and hopefully before tomorrow’s gig-fest.

Well, at least it lasted a good 2.5 years – that’s pretty awesome.

Part of what filled it up was trying to capture the same scene in two ways – always well worth it!

Thanks, God, for the little mysteries of life which go on even when we’re oblivious – help us always to consider the magnitude of Your omnipotence well beyond our realm of knowledge and awareness.

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