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As Hurricane Katrina approached in August, 2005, this popular restaurant in Spanish Fort, AL (157 miles east of New Orleans) boarded up and sent the message to “Please Pray for New Orleans.”

But then, the sense of community grew to be as far and as wide as Katrina herself…

Katrina Oyster House

In memory and honor of the both the lost and the survivors of Katrina, who know the true meaning of “community.”

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God, thank You for our communities – although we bow our heads to worship our gizmos and gadgets in virtual communities, we humans know that we cannot survive without each other, regardless of dimension.

Thank You for being there in our greatest times of need, for loving us through those with whom we share space and time. And for the blessing of perpetual hope, even in the face of disaster.

Your hand touches us through the loving touches of our neighbors; Your greatest gifts to us are given to us through the selfless sharing of others.

Like a goody box filled with gifts that minister to all five of our senses, You provide us with all we could ever need.

Thank You that Your love can reach and fill us completely by both those known to us as well as by complete strangers. This, surely, is the community You intended. May we see You in all we give and receive this Christmas season.

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