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To get to my beach, one must travel through fields of peanuts, pecans and cotton.

One day this week on my early morning commute, I couldn’t resist pulling over to capture the dew-soaked cotton, which practically drips out of its blossom-shells when it gets closer to going to market.


Tromping through the wet grass to explore these real cotton balls was well worth trashing the heels I was wearing to work that good morning.

Each plant is, at maturity, about four feet high. Each blossom bursts forth with four distinct “balls,” each of which has a small, hard seed nestled deep inside, which you can feel when you pinch the cotton ball. It is like pulling apart stiff cotton candy to get to the seed.

It’s been a rainy season, so some of the leaves are a little browned in places. Tropical Nonevent Karen is providing us with additional sog which may hamper the harvest.

Yes, it really IS this white on the bushes! The reason they have to bleach it in the mills (to get your white t-shirts and medicinal cotton balls) is because it yellows slightly after it’s been picked and has died. Plus, the process of harvesting kicks up a lot of dust and dirt, so it goes through a lot of wear and tear from field to factory.

Here in the Deep South, we say that this is the closest we’ll get to seeing snow.

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