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This week’s Photo Challenge involves a trio of shots which include the subject in general, two elements interacting with one another and a close up.

Mardi Gras is in full swing here in the Gulf Coast and offers no shortage of colorful subjects for such a challenge.

Laissez les bon temps roulez!


One of the floats in one of last night’s Mardi Gras parades, getting ready to roll!


Two maskers on the float, discussing strategies for throwing beads, Moon Pies, doubloons, stuffed animals and other treasures to the crowds. Yes, there is an art to throwing, as well as catching particular trinkets!


A friendly masker poses for a close up.
Let’s hope he remembers to throw the beads in his right hand and not the drink in his left hand!

Hey, God…thank You for a season of celebration, of community and good times. Thanks for the joy Mardi Gras brings to the faces of the little children, the big children and the tourists. May we remember that we are ultimately celebrating You.

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