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What It Was

There was a very lively comment section in my last post, the Weekly Photo Challenge for “Eerie:”

(in no particular order:)

Ewwwwwwww! – The Waiting

Ahhhhhhhhh – Wanderlust

WTF? – Our Life In 3D

Totally creepy! – Holly4734

Eeeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhh- The World according to Dina

Ufffff – Ese’s Voice

Eeeep! – Joy and Woe

this is delicious. – seeker

So…what WAS “it,” anyway??!??


It was the underside of the chin of one of these guys…known as a drum. Our son caught them in his canoe in the little bay by our house last Sunday.


That is a flounder next to the drum, unlike the neighbor-kid’s assessment that it was most certainly a piranha.

He’s holding a black drum 37 pounds); on the operating table is a red drum (25 pounds).


Mystery solved!

Thanks, dear readers, for making the post come alive…and thanks, God, for each and every dear reader, as well as your providing great bounty from the sea.

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