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Known for making a conscious effort to shun sunglasses in most cases (to savor full effects of hot/bright), I found myself squinting with joy when the word-wise Literary Tiger sprang forth and pounced, nominating me for the Sunshine Award. And earlier this week, my blogging pal over at The Waiting (who may no longer be waiting, as of this post) tagged me in a game of “Guten Tag.”

I have typically dodged the full responsibility of such awards in the past, as I am not one to engage in electronic tag or chain mail, introvert that I am. However, these questions appear to be almost as much fun as enjoying the evening on the front porch swing in my l’il black nightie, listening to the chorus of bullfrogs nearby and hearing the parade of day-boaters whiz past under the bridge on their way to dock up for the night. (I assume I blend in with the darkness and our neighbors don’t see me. And if they do, bless their hearts for acting none the wiser the next day.)

Thus, I will halfway follow the rules by answering questions, but as for nominating others, YOU – yeah, you, dear friend reading this – consider yourself nominated and/or tagged, but only if you feel like it. Entirely up to you. Dontcha love freedom of choice?! So, here are the Sunshine Award questions:

1. Favorite color– Orange

2. Favorite animal–  Anole

3. Favorite number– 17

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink– Cream Soda – the good stuff.

5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter– Neither. I fully intend to remain as unsocial as possible toward these two evil twin sisters, unless they get around to changing some of their privacy policies and formats. WordPress is about as far down the plank as I’ll venture.

6. My passion– Father, Son & Holy Spirit…and also Publix’s Chocolate Trinity

7. Prefer Giving or Getting presents– Giving. Yesterday on the beach was a tourist family of 4, with the two little angelic girls looking for shells. They weren’t finding many where they were looking, so I began collecting some unique ones in a good spot I knew of down the beach a-ways. They didn’t notice me. When they turned to walk the other direction, I snook up to the girls’ pail and quietly deposited the treasures, sprinted back to my beach chair and buried my nose in the 400+ pages of foreplay in the Victorian novel I was reading. I had as much delight sneaking glances down-shore, spying their discovery, as did the girls, inspecting their mysterious treasures (and their puzzled-but-pleased parents).

8. Favorite pattern– Hurricane season, as the storms build and march across the Atlantic – predictable patterns early on, not so predictable patterns as they approach. Fun to track, anyway, that is until you’re in the cone of uncertainty.

9. Favorite day of the week–  Which ever day it happens to be when I’m at the beach. All days are faves!

10. Favorite flower – Calla lily

And now for the “Guten Tag” questions:


1. Coke or Pepsi? Or Fanta (we don’t judge)- See #4 above.

2. What is your guilty pleasure? See #6, part B, above.

3.) The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Stones. Stones. Stones.

4.) Describe your first crush: Tommy, second grade. I tricked him into meeting me at the nether edges of the playground during recess one day and kissed and ran. Sorry, Tom. Sort of. 

5.) How often do you respond to/pass along blogging honors, such as the Versatile Blogging Award? See intro above.

6.) Where would you travel if you could go anywhere? Outer space would be cool. Or maybe deep down beneath Mt. Shasta to put to rest for once and for all that there is no booming civilization happenin’ down there, if I thought I could return up to the base of the mountain unscathed.

7.) Did you have cable TV growing up? Um, no. There was no such thing. There was a box with little knobs and rabbit ears, and about 5 channels. What you saw was what you got. But I was one of the first on my block to get Pong. Hours of entertainment!

8.) What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever eaten?  My toes, when I was real little. They were pretty interesting, at least to me, back then. I also used to suck two fingers and hang onto my ear lobe with the other hand, until I was about 3 or 4…always against the current from the thumb-sucking crowd.

9.) Why do you blog? Because it is there. See #5 above. It is the only way I can/will communicate with you.

10.) What’s the worst gift you’ve ever been given? Gab.

11.) Any baby advice? Be careful where you breastfeed. In some cultures they could care less how skillfully you drape the blankie over the deed. Just don’t ask them to justify an unspoken rule like this given the smut they suck off their boob tube.

Thank you again to my nominators, and y’all have a beachy day!

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