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Moon Jellies


Dour-looking lionfish. This non-native species has invaded the Gulf:


(Photo not available: Didn’t have nerve to photograph music stars/entourage from Nashville visiting island…just act normal/nonchalant, you know – they appeared to be cherishing their anonymous privacy)

Underside of a male horseshoe crab:


Um, not sure what to title this…any ideas?


Colorful sunset over a newly mown hay field:

Sunset over hayfield

(Photo not available: this I saw in an amusing, evidently unedited email alert):

“Beachy Middle and Beachy High School delayed releasing students by about six minutes this afternoon while Beachy Police checked out a report of a student with a firearm at a residence near the two campuses. Beachy Police say it turned out that the firearm was a BB gun and the kid was minding his own business in a backyard.”

And the crowning sight of all sights…


Aftermath of first day of summer vacation (or the latest I Spy Challenge at our house):  Tonka truck, upside-down ambulance, Mardi Gras beads, sock under couch, misplaced shoes, mostly-naked Mr. Potato Head, Thomas the Train train wash, grounded airplane, rubber dragonfly, Star Wars DS game chip box (empty), hand bell (middle C), screwed up plastic slinky, upended keyboard, broken craft/mask, Pixar Cars pillow, extended light saber, random assortment of Matchbox cars, John Deere tractor and pull-back school bus with stop sign that used to come out but is now broken off and long-lost.


Hey, God…thank You for distracting me from life’s challenges, with all things beautiful and busy. I figured You brought me back into the field because You needed something else done, but I didn’t expect a mess-o-crap to hit the fan within the same week as receiving that piece of paper. Dang, Lord! I barely had time to celebrate before there came the threat to my livelihood…and no sooner had I begun to wring my hands over that, then came the (unrelated) threat to my life. Thank You for equipping me to do what You need done. Protect and reassure. Thank You for lawyers and doctors and policemen, and all those You use to bring about Your will. Use us all as You see fit. Let us stand tall and be blessed through both good and evil. Let us understand it is You that we serve.

And thank You for my new motto carrying me through these new, fiery trials:  Fear Never Conquered.

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