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I would like to take this opportunity to do my very first public music review of a song. As this site’s title contains the name of a Fairly Popular Band named Muse (hence random and unexpected hits to this blog of late), the alignment of their latest release being my favorite song concurrent with the blog title is sheer coincidence.

Heck, I didn’t even know Muse was Muse when I created this blog, although I was vaguely familiar with one of their songs (Uprising).

Like me, Muse hails from the South of their country (more or less), not far from the Sea. But these blokes were still romping in diapers while I was romping the English beaches of Cornwall. Because my Mom made me and said I’d thank her someday, I was the only one wearing a top on the beach since I was from the States, which did little to support my other transparently futile efforts to try to fit in while I lived there, such as adopting a miserably facsimile of an accent. Today I thank my mother.

I like Muse for what everybody else on the planet likes them for – the somewhat universal messages we can relate to, their edgy stance, their Police-like composition (including the techno-beat stuff – do we dig it or not? yeah, we’ll probably be hearing this stuff when our kids realize they’re old only because it suddenly gets branded as “oldies”).

I absolutely don’t expect Matt, Chris & Dominic to view this blather since these dudes are pretty busy, so I’m going to go ahead and catapult my impressions upon the universe at large. Nevertheless, I’ll preview my conclusion with – THIS ROCKS!!! On to the other truths from my perspective:

First, it’s a little to polished. I don’t know what that vocal instrumental is in the middle of it (all that hoo-whoo-hoo-hoo-whoo-hoo-ooo) – they would have done better to put something else to fill the slow gap. This passage is embarrassing and I have to turn down my radio when it comes on; what would my fellow commuter-neighbors think? I have to roll up the windows just prior to this caterwauling, like my mother admonished me to lock my doors when we anxiously sped through “bad neighborhoods” on the west side of Chicago in the 70’s.

Second, dump the scooping. This is insulting to people who’ve had formal musical training. Way too much throughout – thus, it comes off as insincere in the delivery and detracts from the passion. Leave the compulsive scooping to the likes of Gretchen Wilson, k? (And please take those damned Christmas lights down at least by Robert E. Lee’s birthday).

Third, the last lines needed to come second, or somewhere sooner – the fervent “I need to love” at the end make me (and probably everyone else) hot – I wanted to feel this make my insides clench sooner, not at the end when you’re about to leave me high and dry. This last bit is awesome, and there all abandon gives way to sheer basics – I want this through the whole song, not sitting upright with my legs crossed and my shirt buttoned to the collar until that last refrain. Like stripping your clothes off only to have the baby cry and you have to get up and get back to the drag of the day. Er, something like that.

That’s mostly the vocal stuff. As for drums, bass and techno, that is supposed to be polished, and it came off as such – great work in the background! When you have the backdrop polished, you can go where you want with the vocals, more or less. Loosen up, Matt. You may have been trying too hard to please the contract people. Let ‘er rip, sweetie. Makes me look forward to the next output, hoping the musical equivalent of editors are out to lunch when you record again.

I don’t know what the spar is between Beck & Bellamy, but in my humble opinion, it’s mostly for naught. Life is so much bigger. Make it so in the music. Be grateful the dude is using your music. Be cautious in using your position to make a stand – Somebody may change your heart sometime, somewhere along the way. Stay humble and leave the politics to politicians. Focus on your God-given talent.

In all, it’s my favorite song right now, but only because that last part of the song nearly makes me run off the road. And the video makes me want to blow smoke rings on the ‘L’ again, a là “In the Air Tonight,” a là my short-clipped childhood. Everyone should learn to jump turnstiles in subways (after they pay). But the apostle-like halo needs to go – there are other visual ways to capture illumination of leadership. Or whatever the effect was supposed to be. Maybe it was the pinkish background. Just heard men in pink get fewer dates, validating my gut feeling that men in pink make me nervous and doubtful.

And the SWAT team in the video reminds me of work, minus the weapons, hoses and masks. Nice to see other people storming around instead of me and my code team for once. Lets me let go of the image of me leading 4 grown male gorillas in taking an aggressor down today. You hold the hips, let me stack his ankles, you two get his shoulders and keep the head safe…follow my cues…sprawl your legs apart like me to keep your balance…brace yourselves and just let him scream…let it go…you’re safe now….let it out…let all the Madness out. .There, now…isn’t the world a better place?

Lastly, let the lady flick her ash at the end, already – how did it get that long and not drop into her lap and singe her miniskirt?

Final review? Thumbs up. I’m a tough critic and am quick to find fault. But I’m also the first to crank it up, baby. With all the windows down.

I need to love….come and rescue me.

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