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A masterpiece may drop into your life unexpectedly, or it may be right under your nose – unnoticed, unaccepted, ignored or even cast off.

True masterpieces are to be studied, marveled at and most of all, appreciated.


But, we can never really know a masterpiece until we give it our time, patience and unconditional attention.

It requires an understanding that masterpieces don’t necessarily start out as masterpieces.

Like a disturbingly elusive shadow limited to periphery, their process begins with a wisp of will to grasp the ethereal.

Their evolution is often fraught with seeming disorganization, struggle, and sometimes with a goal very different from what was originally intended.

They may not even look like a masterpiece from afar, or even when we’re too close.

It seems that perspective is the salient factor in being able to see something as the masterpiece that it really is.


A masterpiece infuses our very being with





And limitless joy.


It demands that we stretch ourselves further than we ever thought ourselves capable.

And yields untold blessings well beyond what we, in our finite reasoning, could ever fathom.

May you be inspired by the masterpieces you may find in the unlikeliest places in your world, my dear friend.


Hey, God…may we seek beauty in everything and in everyone with whom our paths may cross.

Give us humility to esteem the least as greatest, the last as first and the poorest as rich.

Thank you, Lord, for the multitude of masterpieces with which You bless us daily. May we comprehend that they are as numerous as the grains of sand on the beach…if we only pause to look – as well as to see.

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