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Maintaining a running regimen in a summer, sub-tropical climate can be a challenge. Hit-and-miss torrential downpours are the forecast du jour, every day, often when the sun is still shining. And if the rain doesn’t get you, the full-sun and humidity will.

Sorry, fellow commuters - I was supposed to be paying attention to the road when this fancied my eye...

Sorry, fellow commuters – I was supposed to be paying attention to the road when this fancied my eye…

The billowing, towering thunderheads posture and threaten, but it’s a toss-up if they’ll put forth or not. Either way, it’s a vitalizing, hair-curling drencher of a run. You’re gonna get wet. Deal with it. Revel in it. Be energized by it!

(Okay, dear reader, when was the last time you intentionally did something physically reckless in the rain? running? biking? lovemaking? just sayin’…)

One needs a little boost during the summer months here in order to keep the pace. What better than a new pair of running shoes? Behold, my new saviors, the trustworthy Mizunos:


I love them so much, I might even take them on a test run over water, they’re THAT holy in my book:


The funny thing is, when I got fitted for them, I had in mind a new pair of Newtons. I thought they’d make me run better and I loved the colors. Alas, they did a gait analysis on me, and my running form would not benefit from them too much since I already train on hills and on sand. They would correct very little and make me more annoyed than correct. So, okay. Mizunos it is. And I have NOT looked back!

(Does YOUR shoe store let you “test-drive” a different shoe on each foot and send you out the door to go run around the block – or more – to get a feel before you buy?)

I took it as both compliment and good fortune that the (ex-Fox News) PR lady at my company ‘fessed up to sneaking an unauthorized photo of me coming in from a drenching run last week, and deleted it because it was blurry. Compliment, because it was blurry – I must have been going at a good clip (okay, maybe she forgot to adjust her setting to motion and she took it from inside the rain-dribbled windows). Good fortune, because she specializes in newsworthy photos which usually exclude the abstract, and therefore deleted it. Not sure I would have enjoyed seeing the spectacle my coworkers see when I put myself through a torrential lunch hour hell.

Erm, Heaven.

Nothing like a good, new pair of shoes (and some fresh iTunes on the iPod) to keep a lady happy.

Even a lady who prefers going barefoot in the sand.

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