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Nostalgia for me brings up images of oddball things in my memory clanking around…the Lone Ranger plate they used to serve burgers on that I saved when the A&W closed and liquidated…my grandmother’s china she painted by hand…photos of me exploring the ruins of heyday motels flanking the Salton Sea (anybody? Remember those??!).

But for this challenge, I had to settle on the old family Bible. Someone, somewhere along the line, recorded everyone’s births and deaths dating from the 1700s. They had beautiful handwriting, too.

I couldn’t help but notice in the opening pages of the Bible, sketches of Bible stories/characters and one of David and Jonathan, the same names as two of my children, chosen the last decade without having consulted this stowaway Bible.

There was also a record of handwritten births, along with some old family photos including one of my dear Cousin when she was a child in Beirut, Lebanon, where my uncle was an international marketing executive.

But best of all, my mother had stuffed a picture in there of her sister and herself on their last visit together before her little sister (left), my aunt, died shortly thereafter…sisters cutting up, my family being family, through the centuries and decades and days, until today when this photo challenge prompted me to discover a bit of nostalgia in my own living room.

Thank you, WordPress!


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What a tantalizing photo challenge theme! It was a lovely excuse to flip through my mental Rolodex.

I briefly glanced at things like Kaboom! cereal, my Timey Tell doll, Space Food Sticks and my collection of prehistoric CDs (otherwise known as vinyl records – 45s, 33s and, yes, 78s).

But material things from my memory can’t seem to compare with somebody else’s Great Pursuits which defy both time and elements…somebody else’s hopes, dreams and visions, ending up on unknown places in another era altogether.

The sea is a macrocosm of old and new, daily delivering delights to one’s doorstep.

Known as the “mystery shipwreck,” this ghostly schooner regularly gets uncovered by hurricanes, only to be swallowed up by the surf and sand in accordance with the rhythm of time:

IMG_0372 (Medium)

It just sort of, er, showed up one day…

It evokes curiosity and creative legendry…was it a blockade ship during the War Between the States? a rum-running schooner? a wayward slave or merchant ship? a pirate ship? Did anyone perish?


Hemming and hawing, at its beachy-best

IMG_0374 (Medium)

Fine craftsmanship,exposed

Word gets out and the people come to ponder. Eventually, the novelty turns from curious spectacle to community issue. Is it a public health hazard? what do we do with it? who will pay to preserve it? is it worth it?


What tadoo?

It was determined that it was not worth it and nobody could pony up the money to cover the expense of preserving it, so it simply got swallowed up in the sands of time. Again.


Corroded curiosity

Fare thee well…

(Thanks, God, for Great Mysteries)

And a very happy second birthday to this blog! Blessings to you~~

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