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Blessings to count for this Sunday:

  • Lots of rest
  • Lots of leftovers
  • Awesome church service
  • Bountiful, buttery sunshine
  • 2 pesky health conditions disappeared
  • Good, hard, long run with good, hard, long music, through the pecan orchards and sandy washouts
  • Discovered our swing under the big, gracious oak tree…

My Swing

is a perfect way to cool down and exercise all body parts when flying high – upper body, abs, calves, quads, you name it! Pump!


Me & my Mizunos – Wheeeeee! The breeze through my mane cooled my entire body down after the run. Purrrrrrfect…

  • Walk with the family
  • Held hands with my guy
  • Good football to watch
  • Fun pruning roses & hydrangeas
  • Long hug with Mom
  • Mom gave me pic I’d never seen before – her and my Dad, when she was pregnant with me
October 1965

At a party.
My mom, one of the original B-52s singers. Daddy always seemed to have a martini as a prop, although I don’t ever recall him actually drinking them. (and he always slipped the olives to ME – big treat).

  • Shot hoops with the kids – and sunk it every time
  • Got even more Christmas lights
  • Seashells to sort
  • Kisses and hugs
  • Rainbow toward the end of the day
December Refraction

Okay, so the rainbow didn’t capture, but you can see some of the refraction in there…somewhere. Hey, I was driving – gimme a break!

  • Excellent blogs in my Reader to read
  • Treasured bloggy friendships
  • Sweet, sweet dreams

Can it get any better?!

Thanks, God, for ALL your blessings – let us remember days like these on days when nothing seems to go right. Thank You for little pockets of fresh air that sustain us. And thanks for good health, good food, good family, good gardens, good friends and good life. Thanks for a Beautiful Day!

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