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Besides the path of subtropical storm Alberto in my sea right now, I had a little fun finding some twisted in my world…


Eggshell Tower



Surfing in Alberto

Hey, God, thanks for all the twists and turns You allow in ouR lives…for ups and downs, ins and outs, zigs and zags and for the calms and storms as well.

In all these twists life takes us on, it’s nice to hang on to You for dear life! Thank You, God, for making life so interesting.

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The sturdy oak tree graciously invited the restless

star jasmine to climb upon and

embrace its open arms…

Here, it settled with great content and assurance,

and blossomed with abundance.

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The Grand Old Oak Tree

How many monkeys can you see?

Zoom in close and count with me…

One, two, three, four, five, six ~ seven;

These loving arms are a child’s heaven!


A Home Away From Home

This boy has found a notch on which to hang his Crocs, a nook for his Co-cola, a wedge for his hot dog foil and a quiet place to enjoy his book.

What’s your favorite childhood tree memory?


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