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Just minding my own business this past Sunday, doing what I do best, and looky what treasure washed up!


Shell, deposited right at my feet.

Doesn’t get any better than this.

Keep in mind, I foolishly thought if I sat on my arse a while longer and waited for the tide,

I’d be rewarded with more pretty shells.

Alas, the bottom of my low-slung chair got nailed with the next overzealous wave

and instead of treasure, all I got out of the deal was wet-butt for the rest of the afternoon.

So I got up and went for a walk, hoping the sea breeze would dry me off.

And this is what I found:


An all-natural shell island, carved out by the tide with little treasures exposed at the top.

Lots of them.

I was delighted and humbled all at once to have discovered the beauty made entirely outside my awareness until its discovery.

When you do what you do simply to do what you do,

just because,

without meaning to do or find anything extraordinary,

extraordinary sometimes finds you.

And then there’s Mrs. Em… Thank you

for your sweet words and for sharing with the world so many talented bloggers.

Like discovering a shell island,

We are blessed to get to know them all, and enriched beyond measure.

I am going to run out and get some Orbitz gum just to see what my blog is like, as you described.

In the trenches, it’s difficult to know what others see from the outside.

And the offer for iced tea on the front porch still stands.

We’ll chew some Orbitz, too (but not at the same time as the tea!).

Oh, and the general upshot of this post is that you can’t sit on your buh-hind and expect great things to show up at your feet.

Get up once in a while to let the wind dry off your uncomfortable butt and you might just stumble on

Something even better.

Okay, and since I work with kids, I have to simplify:

Do your best, don’t get lazy and step out of your comfort zone once in a while.

Only then can you connect with and acquire greater things,

Things you may never have known existed.

And for Pete’s sake, don’t stay in your chair with wet-butt.

I’d much rather you explore the beach with me.

Let’s go!

Thanks, God, for blogs and shells and friends and all unforeseen treasures You put in our path.

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