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My friends, I have been taking a good long walk on my beach this spring and it has been nice.

I have seen so many miraculous things during my break from blogging. Things in me, things in my world.  More wonderful grace from God.

All these things have been here all along, it seems. I see this now. I guess I just need to stop long enough and really examine them.

You know, God has so many great things in this world of ours. There are so many great things of beauty. And many of these things reside in each of us. Miracles, if you will, that we were born with, that God has in each of our own worlds.

I have been walking into the hard breeze at times, sometimes into the brightness of the Son. I have been able to access answers to questions and miracles around me during my Spring Break from blogging.

I hope each of you find your own paths, to find answers in your own ways. These walks can really open your eyes!

I started this blog on my beach, hanging out my shingle under my beach umbrella so to speak, a good three years ago. It started simply as an expression for myself of the small things I notice in my world and how the Big Guy is so involved in our daily lives.

It helped me find and look to God for what I needed in my life all this time, seeing the good all around me, whether it was actually there or not. I cannot dismiss any of the good that came to me during this journal of my Musings by the Sea.

I have found a lot of answers in myself on my beach. Things I knew were there. Things I had forgotten about. And maybe some things I did not consider even possible, but they were there the whole time.

I have prayed for things. Lots of things. Many of my prayers have come true. Some in miraculous ways, diversions that I never saw coming. And other prayers that have gone unanswered. And I wonder if those were the prayers I should have been praying in the first place.

This past January, Alabama played Auburn, an instate bitter rivalry. The game came down to one final play, a field goal. I know I prayed so hard for that field goal to go through the uprights, just as thousands of other Alabama fans were praying desperately for the same thing.

Likewise, thousands of Auburn diehard fans must have been praying for a completely different outcome. Somebody’s prayers had to go unanswered. Lots of Alabama fans that night saw that illustrated, I think.

God doesn’t answer everybody’s prayers – or at least not the way we ask him to. He knows what is best for us, in keeping with His miracles He prepared for us at our birth.

And so people wonder “why should I pray if God doesn’t answer my prayers?” I understand God wants us to pray for what we want so He knows what we need.

Alabama winning that night really wasn’t that important to me now in the major scheme of things. It really wasn’t what I needed at that time.

So walking these beaches has brought forth some changes in me that I see, as far as what I try to pray for these days. Just like my beach and the ebb and flow of the tides, we – you and me – seem to be changing all the time, or at least have the potential to change and not stay stuck in the same tidal pool year after year.

I have seen huge changes on my beach, as in “Abandoned,” changes that are hard to do at the time yet sometimes needed to take place in order to be purged or purified.

I have seen small changes in my beach (for the better) that seem to take place every day, as in “I, On the Other Hand, DID Inhale…”  Or changing my perception in noticing God’s ‘abundant’ Grace and Mercy every day, as illustrated in  “Gestalt Mosaic.”

Oh how I love walking on my beach! Thank you God!

But I know every Spring Break has to come to an end and sooner or later we need to face the trials and joys of reality. And my calendar is reluctantly suggesting I need to come back to reality and take care of business, too.

Somehow getting from point A to point B is never easy in life. But we never get there while our feet are lodged under a pile of sand in front of our favorite beach chair, do we?

So I am psyching myself up, looking for my flip flops and my top, my keys, my phone and am getting ready for the tasks ahead.

Oh, how walking on the beach can help us see things clearer!

This walk, my time on this beach has been so invaluable! It’s opened my eyes…highlighted some changes that need to be made in both myself and the outside world in general. And I leave my beach a much happier person! So much happier and full and complete…like “dancing in a room without a roof.”

I am ready to start a brand new beginning with my new outlook(s) and “the future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!”

Oh how being on the beach can be so motivational!

Hey, God, thank You for Your love that You have for all of us! If we know You, we know You are foremost all about love. You love all Your children so much and we are Your fortunate family to receive Your gracious love and blessings.

God, help us always to see and appreciate Your unending love for us. Help us see it in others as well as be the picture of love our selves, just as Your Son was.

We know You love us as your children and you want the best things for us, our own unique miracles. You want us to use the very talents and blessings we were born with in our own unique miracle that you destined for each of us.

I know sometimes, as we get caught up in our own agendas of what we think is best for us, or what is really important to us, we lose track of Your purpose, Your plan you have for us. And you try to steer us back to Your original plan – Your will… here on earth, as it is in Heaven.

I cannot dismiss all the love you have blessed me with! I love who You’ve made me and I love my world. I am not worthy of all these blessings you have bestowed on me, for us -not even close. I am a sinner too. But You love me anyway and give me more than I could ever dream about.

Thank You Father for Your boundless love! Please help us all to find, feel, and understand the love You have for us. It feels great!

Everyone has Your miracle out there waiting for them. And Your miracles are GREAT and beyond our wildest expectations.

Thank you Father for these great blessings! I love you!

I am so happy!! I could just break into pirouettes on the boardwalk…because happiness is the truth!

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