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This Photo Challenge began with a commotion Friday night in our back yard, with my eldest child mysteriously sawing and hammering and screw-gunning away.

Then yesterday the sun dawned on his creation. And all this mother on Mother’s Day Eve could whisper was, “Oh, snap…what IS THIS instrument of death?”


He’d made his own bike ramp and tested it repeatedly throughout the weekend.

I’ve no idea how many test-runs he made before I got home, BEFORE I reminded him to wear his helmet.

Be still, my heart…


The littlest brother tried to learn to jump off the ramp like the biggest brother’s double-backwards twist:


Kids will be kids!

And moms will be moms. After I studied how he did it and had captured his motion enough times on camera, it kinda looked fun…so I thought, “Why not?”


But I couldn’t master his speed, so I decided to stick with the motion that gives me the most positive e-motion:

2014-05-11 13.32.55

Hey, God…thanks for keeping us on the move, whether we like it or not, ready or not, willing or not.

You created the universe to be in perpetual motion – us included.

May we find comfort in change, the inevitable – for You have by design made all things to go forward towards Your plans, in Your time.

Let us change and be changed…and embrace the journey as we go!

P.S. – and God, please help us remember to wear our helmets… (Ephesians 6:17)

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