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A different take on “new” for this week’s Photo Challenge:

When you have dementia or Alzheimer’s, what’s old is brand new. Every day is a new day, every experience is brand new.

Most of us are inclined to feel pity or sadness for people who live out their last days with such a diagnosis, but really, you’d have to see the brand new joy it to believe it…

My mother with dementia became utterly enamored with the wind-up cymbal-clashing chimp she “gave” her six-year-old grandson this Christmas – the very gift she gave to me when I was three.

She had forgotten what joy such a toy brought, and when he opened it, she latched on to it, began to talk to it and babied it, wound it up multiple times and clapped with delight!

what's old is new

(take note of the fruitcake she was enjoying at the time, a gift her brother sent her…he sent the rest of us “mixed nuts.” We tried unsuccessfully not to laugh at the subliminal parallels…)

Meanwhile, our fourteen year old son with Down syndrome had talked for over a month about wanting nothing but a baby for Christmas. At first we thought he was bluffing or we were misunderstanding his convoluted speech, which is still at an infantile level.

We thought he was over the “baby” phase years ago. But he wasn’t kidding (here, his six-year-old brother helped him unwrap his gift):


Again, what we thought was old or not age-appropriate, was brand new all over again – and brought new joys that we, in our worldly “wisdom,” never would have anticipated.

David was thrilled – and takes her everywhere he goes, is mindful to feed her when he eats, takes her to the potty when he goes, dresses her when he dresses, tucks her in when he is tucked in, and holds her hand together to pray when we pray. He makes for a very attentive daddy, despite his disabilities…


The lessons I learned from these who we might label as weak or incapable, were much larger than any lesson I myself could have taught.

The lessons being that

1.) It’s not up to us to judge what’s appropriate;

2.) You never know how something will affect or transform or touch another person; and

3.) What we consider old or outdated just may be the spark that someone else needs to embark on a brand new journey of joy.

Hey, God – thank You for an unimaginable 2014 and for the wonder that 2015 brings. Thank You for the blessings you brought, and for the unknown surprises You will bring us this year.

God, help us to have the courage to embrace things that are new – things that we didn’t see coming, things that may not match up to our idea of what’s right or appropriate or acceptable – help us to see that You operate out of the box more than any of us ever could.

Help us to be tolerant of new horizons, to be flexible and to face all things NEW without judgment, without fear and with curiosity and reverence, knowing that You just might be behind those things You have in store for us – that they are all part of the journey that hopefully brings us closer to You.

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Maintaining a running regimen in a summer, sub-tropical climate can be a challenge. Hit-and-miss torrential downpours are the forecast du jour, every day, often when the sun is still shining. And if the rain doesn’t get you, the full-sun and humidity will.

Sorry, fellow commuters - I was supposed to be paying attention to the road when this fancied my eye...

Sorry, fellow commuters – I was supposed to be paying attention to the road when this fancied my eye…

The billowing, towering thunderheads posture and threaten, but it’s a toss-up if they’ll put forth or not. Either way, it’s a vitalizing, hair-curling drencher of a run. You’re gonna get wet. Deal with it. Revel in it. Be energized by it!

(Okay, dear reader, when was the last time you intentionally did something physically reckless in the rain? running? biking? lovemaking? just sayin’…)

One needs a little boost during the summer months here in order to keep the pace. What better than a new pair of running shoes? Behold, my new saviors, the trustworthy Mizunos:


I love them so much, I might even take them on a test run over water, they’re THAT holy in my book:


The funny thing is, when I got fitted for them, I had in mind a new pair of Newtons. I thought they’d make me run better and I loved the colors. Alas, they did a gait analysis on me, and my running form would not benefit from them too much since I already train on hills and on sand. They would correct very little and make me more annoyed than correct. So, okay. Mizunos it is. And I have NOT looked back!

(Does YOUR shoe store let you “test-drive” a different shoe on each foot and send you out the door to go run around the block – or more – to get a feel before you buy?)

I took it as both compliment and good fortune that the (ex-Fox News) PR lady at my company ‘fessed up to sneaking an unauthorized photo of me coming in from a drenching run last week, and deleted it because it was blurry. Compliment, because it was blurry – I must have been going at a good clip (okay, maybe she forgot to adjust her setting to motion and she took it from inside the rain-dribbled windows). Good fortune, because she specializes in newsworthy photos which usually exclude the abstract, and therefore deleted it. Not sure I would have enjoyed seeing the spectacle my coworkers see when I put myself through a torrential lunch hour hell.

Erm, Heaven.

Nothing like a good, new pair of shoes (and some fresh iTunes on the iPod) to keep a lady happy.

Even a lady who prefers going barefoot in the sand.

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