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Colourful Commute

Today’s offering on the ride home:



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Between the 15 minutes of drafting this post and posting it, I was made aware of this honor sent my way:


With humble gratitude, 3D…

This was bestowed upon me by my dear, fellow Southern friend, 3D.

Be sure to click on his link and read some of his uplifting journey as he prevails over cancer with some of the most up-to-date treatments, such as a large doses of Jimmy Buffett, along with the daily joys of his incredible family.

Now, on to my original post, before tonight turns into tomorrow…

My town at sunset tonight:



This is not a reflection of the sunset: the fountain is actually dyed pink this month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. Giant, pink ribbons adorn every city-owned property right now.



A crowd always gathers for the sunset. When its last speck disappears under the horizon, the spectators erupt in a round of applause. It’s an evening tradition like none I’ve ever seen anywhere else.








The roses in the manicured garden are also afire at sunset.




My #2 & #4, while #3 runs amok in the rose garden nearby. We’re just killing time while #1 is at archery practice. I could kill time any time like this.


Thanks, dear readers, for sharing this spectacular evening with me.

And thanks, God, for your art anew each day. Like a rainbow of promise, you bless us with cleansing – cleansing that is at first abrasive but then freeing, intolerable and then somehow peaceful.

Thank You for your steadfast presence in the face of our unbridled sprints…for only You know the full path of our journey.


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Intriguing subject.

If I had to identify myself with a hue, it might capture the essence of being calmly on fire – like this sunset on Mobile Bay.2013-02-05_17-31-28_991

For more Hues from other Yous, visit The Weekly Photo Challenge

Thanks, God, for all the hues in the rainbow, as You reflect Yourself through Your creations in sea, land, sky and through Your children.

Simply brilliant, God.

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Change, inevitable.

Resistance, futile.

As we might marvel at the wondrous awe of an unstoppable sunset,

Savor and embrace Change for all it’s worth.


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I am humbly reminded that no matter what storms threaten, no matter what waves force me to swallow salty water, the sun still steadfastly sets…different, every single time,

Never in vain and never the same….


(And I just couldn’t resist the rest of the periphery, life doing its thing as the universe does its thing: )


These images were only possibly by a complete whim, upon resisting my better judgment to stay within the lines of my schedule today, as I hit the pause button on the demands of daily life.

They came from a guttural force, a sharp turn of the steering wheel and will, and by following my soul toward the Glory.

And look – just look! what was there waiting, there, literally around the corner, to be enjoyed!

What will YOU discover if you pause to break from YOUR routine?

Is it safer (“easier”) to stay your course, or will diverting yield even greater returns, risk that it may seem?

Will you steer straight on the course you believe He has for you, or take a chance that big ol’ God may be outside the box you created, on a totally different course than l’il ol’ you ever envisioned?

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Someone else’s creativity by day brought great contemplative joy by sundown…

Thanks, God, for cycles of inspiration that all lead back to You,

and for the dear friends You bring here to share the beach.

May you, my friend, be also inspired!

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Fountain 2

My World.

My Country.

My Land.

My Sea.

(Except they really belong to You, God…thanks for letting me enjoy them while I’m here!)

p.s….happy birthday to SR, my firstborn…you’re His, too – so honored to share!

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It came in a dream some nights ago, free and clear.

It was in the latter part of sleep, the part where you have bypassed all cycles theta, alpha and beta.

Yes, this was delta, the heart of all sleep.

But there it came, plain as day, a blank check. It was for another Purpose, though, given to me by someone not fully known.

In a stupor I held the check, bewildered that such a thing could transpire. I was transfixed and transformed, unable to fully comprehend the breadth of its unconditionality.

What was Amazing were all the para-realities it represented, all the other blank checks I’ve been given throughout life – including some I may not have even yet recognized.

The dream suspended me in the vortex of its unreality and its vivid, delta-demanding reality.

Who would write a blank check like that?

How does one make sense of its reality?

Why did it happen? to me?

Why, oh why, can’t we harness that alter-dimension?

Maybe it’s best that we can’t.

How many blank checks have you cashed?

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