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Who can resist a well-earned Special Olympics smile from a kid who wasn’t supposed to live past age 4?

David turns 18 in 22 days!

Thank You, God, for defying all odds, for playing the ultimate April Fool’s joke on death – showing the universe for once and for all that where death seems inevitable, life rocks on!

That there is no such thing as finality, that You are the only Omega…and Your gift is eternal life. May we always recognize that those things seeming to a close = opportunity for new beginnings in ways we haven’t yet fathomed.

And therein lies faith…and trust. Faith and trust that there is always more in store than we can possibly know or deserve in our finite wisdom. Thanks, God, for perpetual resurrection and preciousness in all things. SMILE!!

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Leap of Faith

In a recent conversation, I posited that faith is not tangible, that it is blind trust paired with hope. Expected outcome without guarantee. 

As a lawyer’s daughter, I think faith might be experienced by walking a thin tightrope held up by a combination of idealism, high expectations, justification and a pinch of foolishness.  Better carry a good, long pole for balance!

What makes us trust? What makes us run? What makes us cling in the face of no sound reason or rationalization?

Lately I have been challenged to trust…and others to trust in me. How can I expect them to trust in me when I might not fully trust in myself? Doesn’t it take at least one person to step forth and proclaim “CARPE DIEM!!” ? Who determines who goes first? Is faith a chicken and egg conundrum?

The wounded shy away from trust and need to be coaxed, reassured and led. 

The doubtful need to be shown.

The Pharisees need to be out-foxed.

So what do the faithless need?

Proof? Facts? Numbers? It can’t be…that is the essence of faith.

If you are waiting to be shown, for veracity to be proven in factual terms, you’ll be waiting a long time. 

The onus is on YOU to believe. Only then do dreams come true.

Thanks, God, for the gift of faith, no matter how little or how great ours may ebb and flow over the course of our lifetime. Thank You for getting my 12 year old on those planes and safely to the other end of the continent today. 

Thank You for showing me things when I step back and have time and space to consider facts vs. faith. Thank You for trusting in me, even when others may not, and even when I may not even trust in myself. Thank You for the great gift of faith!

 (he had only heard and read about the Grand Canyon prior to today, but this plane afforded him visual proof!) 

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