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Thank you!

…to The Waiting for nominating me this week for the Versatile Blogger award, and to Gracefully50 for the Liebster Blog award. What wonderful Christmas presents, from such wonderful ladies. I am honored and blessed.

That is the nice me.

The naughty me takes shameless pleasure in shunning some conventional rules. I have a long history of having broken many chains, as well. This began with the first chain letter I received in grade seven telling me calamitous events would befall me the rest of my life if I did not write five other people and warn them of the same calamitous events if they did not continue the chain. I was simultaneously annoyed and fearful. So I later lied and told the sender I’d done my part, burying myself in my Twinkies at the lunch table days later when the other girls were doing the math and trying to figure out how the chain broke. I dunnit. As ominously warned, my life has been filled with calamities, most of which have been curiously interesting and made for great blogging.

It continued with a Mrs. Field’s cookie recipe my sister-in-law sent me in the early 90’s, warning me of various kitchen disasters I would encounter if the secret recipe was not forwarded to a baker’s dozen of others. Sure enough, over time I’ve been cursed with ovens which don’t bake evenly; a parade of ruined baked goods off of malicious cookware posing as the “non-stick” variety; and fairly regular run-ins with overzealous electric kitchen appliances run amok.

The last chain I had the dishonor of breaking involved being sent five pairs of (new, not used!) panties along with the sender imploring me to purchase and send another five out to others, with one to the original sender. Or something like that. I can’t recall what nasty things were supposed to happen if the panties-chain broke…we’ll just have to use our collective creativity to think about that. Or not, thanks.

I do not consider the blogging awards bestowed upon me this week to be “chains,” although they share some of those characteristics: my understanding is the recipient is to reference/link the originator of the award, followed by linking five (for the Liebster) or fifteen (for the Versatile Blogger) other blogs whom you turn around and then nominate, alerting each recipient of your nomination of their blog.

The problem is, I’m fairly new to the blogosphere, and I do not spend as much time as I might like blogging and reading others’ blogs. Therefore, most of the blogs I’m familiar with have either already won these awards because they’ve been around here so much longer than I, or I haven’t yet had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with such blogs which might qualify.

Then there’s the ignorance factor: I can’t tell if some blogs qualify or not because some of them don’t have telltale widgets which might provide such information. Thus, I shall do my unconventional best to accept these awards. The numbers are all wrong, the links may not work, and frankly, I do a much better job hanging out with you here on the beach shooting the breeze about other stuff.

But for the purpose of the awards anyway, here are some blogs I enjoy for various reasons. Their views don’t necessarily represent mine, and I don’t always agree with them, but they are writers I respect for their style of externalizing their internal reality, for their ability to communicate their lives (asterisks indicate Liebster, the rest VBs if they haven’t already been so bestowed):

Trask Avenue – This guy can write. And he almost makes New Jersey look good in the process, to boot.

Irresistibly Fish – Here is a fine example of a Christian putting his service where his mouth is.

An Observant Mind – A Texan-gone-Aussie, she brings a smile to my face every time she invites us to have a piece of her fantastic mind.

Cecilia and Her Sisters – * – Be moved by the beautiful life and joy of Cecilia, a real-life angel.

societyred – * – Life in the Pacific Northwest as he sees it.

Rockin’ Walk to Faith – * – My favorite combo, God & music.

J.D. Clemente – *- Application of faith to everyday life, these thoughtful posts inspire.

AdaLamar’s Blog – Fun reading, sassy gal, a great way to unwind while reading about her adventures.

Stories from the Waves – * – A blogger cut from my same cloth, life as seen from another shore.

RVingGirl – Vicariously live a life you’d probably like to lead through this insightful lady.

Dadbloggit! – The name alone should amuse you; his tales of his children will amuse even more.

Beyond the Pear Tree – This one elicits cause to pause and consider, and to stretch yourself beyond.

Kana’s Chronicles – No blogger’s life should be complete without a subscription to Kana! Kana flamingoed me some time back, for which I am most grateful. I love flamingos!

mommysaidaswearword – BYOS (bring your own sippy cup…with an adult beverage in it – for you, not the kid) and enjoy her wry mommy humor. And make sure you leave the toilet seat DOWN.

The Idiot Speaketh – I confess I read this like I read National Geographic: I browse the pics first, then go back and read. I am going to get fired if I keep inserting some of the pics from this blog into my emails at work, except they keep my boss laughing. For now. I haven’t checked with the IT department yet.

The Problem with Young People Today is… – Don’t be drinking or eating anything while you read this one; you will laugh so hard you’ll spew forth onto your laptop and electrocute yourself if it happens to be charging. I speak from the experience of a ruined keyboard and frizzy hair.

Hey, God…thank You for introducing me to these wonderful people and their awesome blogs. May You bless each of them, and those I’ve yet to discover. Thank You for sending Your Son into the world. Merci beaucoup, mon dieu!

p.s. God, help these links to work!

As the sign on the business downtown here says, “Merry Christmas, y’all!

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