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Medical technology gives us more choices in creating and controlling our destiny and that of our offspring.

It is estimated that 92% of fetuses who test positive for signs of Down syndrome today are aborted.

When David was in utero, all the tests came out “false negative.” We had no reason to believe anything was abnormal. His birth was normal – he came skidding out in 45 minutes flat, weighing in at 10 lbs 6 oz.

But he wouldn’t nurse, and his blood coagulated quickly – he resisted life initially, so measures were taken to keep him alive. He got blood transfusions (GIVE BLOOD!) and was the biggest, giant baby in the NICU.

A couple weeks after his birth, he tested positive for Trisomy 21. Fragile, he contracted pneumonia and his lungs collapsed 75%. He was airlifted on a Mercy Flight and was not expected to live.


I pumped milk for him to be fed through a tube down his nose and into his stomach for months, while we lived in a Ronald McDonald House.

In his coma, we sang to him and talked to him, trying to give him the best of his only days on this earth.

Some argue that this is a waste of human and social resources. Had the fetus (David) been tested with today’s technology, it (he) could have been caught and prevented, and the six-figure price tag for his hospital care (at the time) could have been saved.

This is not a new concept; history repeats itself over the generations, but usually only the newer generations have forgotten the atrocities of the older generations. And…one thing leads to another….

Technologically advanced eugenics is indeed alive and well in the world today, whether we prefer to notice or not.

The prognosis was, if he didn’t come home in a casket and came home in a car seat instead, he’d be in a vegetative state at best, and could possibly live to age four or five.

Once I relinquished him to God, whether it be on earth or in heaven, somehow his flat line began to take off and he lived…(the little dickens extubated himself when he came out of his coma…he had a will to live).


“Mighty David” defied all odds and, just like you and I, went on to do great things.

Like walk and talk and tickle and play in the band and paddle board and know Santa and be featured in the National Down Syndrome Society and Little League….nosiree, no vegetative state for HIM!


imageMeeting Santa Claus while marching with the high school band in the Christmas Parade last year (He’d really hoped to meet Philip Phillips):

(Can you say JOY?)


Quality of Life: Priceless

(beating Mom at push-ups)


Don’t judge: there were abortions and one live birth prior to David, and two live births and four miscarriages after David…it always works out just the way God intends, even if we think we’re in charge!

No judgment, only LOVE and FULFILLMENT!

We do what we believe we must do when we must do it. God does what is meant to be, regardless.

Thanks, God, for Your perfect will and guidance….for rainbows out of clouds, for strength in weakness, for thumbs up in the face of Downs, for David and children all around the world who beat the odds and magnify Your glory, and for always being in control no matter what.


Thank You for being an Awesome God!


This week’s adventure from the beach involves digging a hole to China:


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Hey, God – thanks for unlimited adventures, each blessed day of our journey. Thank You for unbridled bliss as You bestow unforeseen adventures upon us.  whether we’re ready or not.

Thank You for giving us the determination to dig holes to the source of fulfillment and for the stamina to keep digging…for the airborne muddy sand that chucks back on to us as if completion of a greater Circle of Life.

And thanks for both God-made and self-made adventures, both of which keep us alert and oriented times three.


breathing without breath

screaming to be heard

under churning waters

can’t say a word



caught in the trap:

to open up and breathe

would invite drowning

deluge and bereave


somehow there is peace

in the panic within

the feelings subside

when forgiven of sin


at last all is made

right with the world

swept to His feet,

lying battered and curled














here i can stay

for a while or two

no judgment or cares

only redemption is due











Swept Under

Swept under, swept up and swept under again…


2014-05-11 13.32.55

Forever means nothing except in eternity;

A taste so rich, a swing & a miss -

Priorities lie where the heart’s not so shy,

But dreams can be true bliss.



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Hey, God…thank You for shadows of things to come…

For the illumination You provide, bringing things once dark into the light;

For long shadows shrinking as Your light rises over all things;

For bold outlines that bring definition to hazy horizons;

For stark contrasts that complement each other in perfect harmony,

And for fresh perspectives gained by ongoing change.

Looking up, I see an afternoon of “digit-al” clouds…


…and looking down, I see a sunrise reflected in “rooty” patterns:


Texture makes us feel something more, causes things to stand out like a visual brain teaser and gives us perspective.

Texture allows the visually impaired to read and brings life and added meaning to an otherwise one-dimensional perception.

It makes us think harder and brings pleasure.

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Hey, God, thank You for all the textured beauty You bless us with, everywhere we go.

Thanks for perspective, for opportunities to feel – really feel – and for making things seem a little more interesting and real.

There is nothing I do not love about summer. It is my favorite season, hands down.

Naturally, I couldn’t resist sharing a few glimpses of my summer for this week’s Photo Challenge:


Fort Morgan, Alabama


Sunrise on Jeckyl Island, Georgia


Favorite Swimming Hole


Sharing my paddle board with a friend


Horse Fly!


Unexpected companion while kayak fishing on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


Summer Lovin’!


Thanks, God, for summer lovin’…for cherished memories, for seasons of change, of play and of rest, for periods of sweat and cooling off.

Thanks for tall, refreshing drinks, toes in the water, humming cicadas and opportunities to grow and explore new horizons.

Thank You for an unforgettable summer of growth and new beginnings.

Please bless the WP readers with a safe, happy and enjoyable summer.

And may everyone find time to relax, recharge and reinvent themselves.


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